August 5, 2022

At MI-BOX 1-858-779-2600, we understand just how stressful a move can be, whether you are moving cross-country or just relocating one town away. Even thinking about the enormity of a move can bring on stress. Here are a few tips to help you overcome the anxiety of moving-related stress and help you tackle this like a pro!

Get Your Move Organized

There is a reason why the word ‘’organized” or “organization” is consistently mentioned when it comes to moving and moving-related stress. When you plan ahead and implement organization tools, your chances of a successful move (and less stress!) are much greater!

Implement a Schedule for Moving Day

Whether you use an online calendar and to-do list, or go “old-school” with an Erin Condren LifePlanner, use what system works best for you to stay organized. Get the family involved. Post a hanging calendar on the fridge and circle important dates (the day you want your kids to pack up their rooms, moving day, utility cut-off date, etc.). If you are a visual person, seeing the dates right in front of you in bright colors can be an effective reminder to you and your family!

Kick Out Procrastination!

If you wait until the last minute to plan your move, you will be scrambling to finish, which will undoubtedly cause stress. This isn’t the time to procrastinate. Give yourself plenty of time in your schedule to find a moving provider (or round up some friends and family), pack up your belongings, change addresses, disconnect utilities, etc. Procrastinating will not only cause stress, but it will also cost you money. Also be sure to start gathering moving supplies early and often. Boxes, blankets, protective materials, etc., are all extremely important to have when you begin the packing process. If you are in need of moving supplies, 1-858-779-2600 can help and deliver supplies directly to your door, saving you time and money while you focus on other aspects of your move!

Enlist Friends and Family to Help with Your Move!

If you are lucky to have friends and family nearby, enlist their help! They are a vital resource on moving days and will help relieve some moving day stress! Enlist those that are the most helpful. If your fraternity brother still dresses like he’s going to a big hair 80’s band concert and just came for free pizza and beer, you may want to leave him off the list. Be sure to offer your gratitude and some food and beverages to those around you who offer their help!

Prepare Mentally and Physically to Move!

Regardless of the enormity of your move, whether moving cross-country or across town, the process can still be stressful. If you are physically prepared (get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy and fueling breakfast, be in healthy shape), you will be ready to tackle your move easier. Mentally you have to push out any anxiety or trepidations about your move and focus on the positives of this overwhelming task. Maybe you are moving closer to family or closer to the beach! Focusing on the positive can help push out the negative!

Work With a Trusted Moving and Storage Provider

Take these five tips to heart when preparing for your next move, and you will be relieved to see how much easier your move can be! If you aren’t super organized and tend to procrastinate, identify someone in your family or even a close friend to help you along the way. Share these tips with them, and you might be surprised how efficient you can become! And don’t forget to enlist the professionals at MI-BOX 1-858-779-2600 if you need additional help!

We can provide you with a weatherproof, all-steel portable storage container that can be dropped off at your door. You take as long as you need to pack, and when you are ready, give us a call and we will deliver it to your new home or store it safely in one of our nationwide facilities until you need it. No unnecessary driving back and forth with your own vehicle or an large and unfamiliar moving truck. Let us handle the driving for whatever local or long-distance move you are looking to make. No matter your situation or needs, MI-BOX 1-858-779-2600 makes it simple!